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“Lance and I used to be good friends,” Betsy Andreu told NPR.

  • “I would go to his house and I would cook for him; I would talk to him on the phone about baby questions; I used to go out to dinner with Frankie and Lance and Kristin, often.” Kristin was Armstrong’s first wife. Betsy Andreu acknowledges that over the years, her friendship with Lance Armstrong soured.

    Spending her childhood learning how to hunt from her devoted father, Bernard Crane, and his lascivious half brother, Cal Murray, Margo shows us what can happen when cheap oakleys a gun becomes a person’s most trusted companion. Family feuds between the Cranes and the Murrays easily turn gruesome; the men “growl at each other like bears” and women are often what inspire their aggression. Margo herself plays a significant role in the violence that befalls this clan.

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    We had shootings, mass stabbings, armed robberies, drunks running people over with cars, on a GREATER scale than has happened in Ottawa shooting yesterday. But there isn multiple articles about the poor victims here, no beefed up police presence to protect the public, no national outrage .

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