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  • But hang on a minute: does freedom of speech give people right to publicise remarks which may be deemed as offensive, or even distort the truth, and then get off scot free?Andrew Bolt has attracted a large readership on account of his boldness to speak him mind, but this time he may have crossed the line.The Age columnist David Marr has pointed out the key issue in this case was not about restricting freedom of speech but misrepresenting facts.Andrew Bolt contended that the nine plaintiffs had “chosen” to be Aborigines to further their career.These facts were proven not to be true in the court and Judge Bromberg’s position was that Andrew Bolt used a mocking and provocative tone to mislead the reader.In Andrew Bolt latest column, he clearly did not care that his writing wrongly accused these people of changing their cultural identities; rather, he stubbornly condemned the judge for supposedly forbidding him from publicly questioning the genuineness of people’s cultural identities.Judge Bromberg probably never thought about shut Andrew Bolt’s month up for discussing racial issues. Just attacking lousy journalism, David Marr said.The Age reported that the court found Mr Bolt only presented evidence of having done some online research about the individuals and this were not considered as a diligent attempt to make reasonable inquiries.So freedom of speech or bad journalism, which side are you with ?east burberry outlet from bottes ugg here michael kors canada to 75 and then south to Exit 21.

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