Sporting events becoming about more than sport

Sporting events becoming about more than sport It used to be you went to the ballgame to see the ballgame. There were peanuts and Crackerjack, the seventh inning stretch or the halftime show, hot dogs and nachos, and results of out of town games on the scoreboard. air max 1 femme There are mini blimps and T shirt cannons, frolicking mascots and gyrating cheerleaders, and the guy on the PA urging fans to chant “dee fense, dee fense.” And then there is the kiss cam. nike air max heren You know the kiss cam, at some point during the game they focus the camera on couples in the stands, and generally leave the cameras on them until they lock lips or exchange a quick, nervous peck. Authentic UGA Jersey The couples with a little age and maturity under their belts generally ham it up the most, while the younger couples often act somewhat timid. The bride and I have never been featured on kiss cam. Oakley pas cher Probably it’s because we always sit in the cheap seats. Oh, well, it’s for the best, I’d likely just embarrass us and wind up with an elbow in the ribs. It’s cute when a mom or dad is holding a little child and plants cheap jerseys a big old kiss on their cheek, not so cute when the camera focuses on some random guy sitting next to a random girl he either doesn’t know or doesn’t know well enough that she will allow him to get anywhere near her lips. Speaking of moms and kids, a kiss cam focused on a mother and her son at an NBA playoff game last week in Milwaukee. The only trouble was, the son is an adult, making for an awkward kiss cam moment. men’s Olympic basketball team. The couple simply smiled the first time the kiss cam focused on them, but when it happened again later in the game the president and his lady obliged by smooching. Sometimes the kiss cam captures a lovesick guy proposing to his girlfriend. nike femme 2017 That’s just what happened over the weekend as the Cubs took on the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Apparently an unidentified guy popped the question to his lady love on the big screen, and she was not happy about it. The camera caught the couple arguing, then quickly cut away to save the guy any further embarrassment. The fans at Fenway, it seems, were extremely sympathetic to the man’s plight.

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  • OK, so they weren’t, chanting “She said no, she said no!” The poor guy went to some trouble, and spent some cash, to set up this failed proposal. sklep new balance 966 meskie To have a live proposal at Fenway Park, the Red Sox require a minimum donation of $350 to the Red Sox Foundation, the official charity that supports non profit programs for children. new balance 996 bleu ciel When it’s time for the proposal, the end of the fifth inning, the couple is chosen as “fans of the game” and escorted to the Budweiser Roof Deck. The whole thing is a ruse to fool the unsuspecting girlfriend. There, while the couple is on screen, waving to the crowd in their role as “fans of the game,” “blank, will you marry me?” flashes on the screen under their picture. A camera man is on hand to capture the couple’s loving embrace or not, in this case. The couple then is presented with a congratulatory goodie bag and is emailed a copy of the video.

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